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10/3/2003 - Your Mirror

The Gulli family, owners of the Sunoco gas station at 12 Mile and Coolidge in Berkley, recently added a Mediterranean flavor to their establishment with the Mr. Kabob carry-out menu.


2004 - Detroit Free Press

Best Gas Station Food

Mr. Kabob

5/6/2004 - Detroit Free Press

BEST GAS STATION FOOD: Our gas tank was on empty and so were we - rumble, rumble. We stopped at the SUNOCO and filled up our tank. Then we went inside and ordered something to fill us up - and we're not talking about stale doughnuts and potato chips.


5/3/2005 - Detroit Free Press

Now add to that list delicious, fresh Middle Eastern takeout from Mr. Kabob's, inside a well-kept Sunoco gas station at 12 Mile and Coolidge in Berkley.



7/12/2006 - Detroit Metro Times

There was a time not too long ago when you stopped at a service station for gas and maybe a soft drink or a candy bar. Although most now have morphed into convenience stores offering sandwiches, hot dogs, donuts and slurpies, few if any flaunt the restaurant-quality cuisine turned out at Mr. Kabob, located inside a Sunoco station at the corner of 12 Mile and Coolidge.


4/26/2009 - Daily Tribune

What can you expect when you visit a Sunoco gas station for lunch? If you're at Mr. Kabob, plan on enjoying plenty of healthy and tasty Mediterranean cuisine. If you're looking for great tasting healthy food, at a low price, served quickly, you'll want to visit Mr. Kabob.



5/2/2010 - Daily Tribune

For six years, the popular Mr. Kabob has operated out of a Sunoco gas station at 12 Mile and Coolidge in Berkley. As Mr. Kabob's popularity grew, the carryout eatery has won area awards for its tasty Middle Eastern food.


6/1/2015 - Thrillist

This Detroit-area Mediterranean home-cooking chain was opened by a pair of brothers inside a Sunoco. The open kitchen's a rarity for gas station fare, and the popularity of their fattoush salad adds a level of healthiness that's equally as surprising. Family-style combination plates make group to-go orders a heroic move, but if you're driving solo you can't go wrong with a classic $5 shawarma.

9/10/2015 - The launch of Mr. Kabob Xpress

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our very first Mr. Kabob Xpress location on Big Beaver, a 2 minute drive from Somerset Mall in Troy.


7/3/2016 - MiBestLife

Celebrating 13 years dishing up juicy chicken shawarmas and fresh fattoush salads out of the Sunoco station at Coolidge and 12 Mile, Mr. Kabob has garnered a loyal following as well as national recognition when it was named one of America's 13 best gas-station restaurants by Thrillist last year.



8/16/2017 - MSN | LifeStyle

Mr. Kabob - In Michigan, Mr. Kabob is king among gas station food. What started as a simple Mediterranean grill serving dishes like babaganoush, chicken kafta, crispy falafel and (of course) kabob from a gas station in Berkeley, Michigan has now grown into four locations scattered across the state.

6/12/2017 - Detroit Eater

Fill up your gas tank and grab a bite while you wait at this hidden gem in Berkley. Mr. Kabob delivers formidable road trip fuel in the form of Mediterranean dishes like beef kafta wraps and raw juices that are designed primarily for carryout.

9/1/2017 - Now Serving Southfield!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our second Mr Kabob Xpress location at 12 mile and Telegraph in Southfield.


2/15/2020 - Now Serving Livonia!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our fourth Mr. Kabob Xpress location on Haggerty road between 7 mile and 8 mile in Livonia.



3/1/2023 - The Original Mr. Kabob featured on channel 4!

Mr. Kabob inside the Sunoco on Coolidge Highway in Berkley isn’t exactly a secret. Anyone who loves good Mediterranean flavor has come across it and gone back a second time.

5/8/2023 - The Original Mr. Kabob on channel 4!

Mr. Kabob Xpress features Mediterranean fare with a customizable concept where guests can order a bowl or wrap and decide all of the ingredients that go inside.



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